As a working mom with young kids my patients frequently ask how do you do it all.  The answer is that I don’t do it all.  It takes a village, that I am lucky to have.  Inevitably day to day I do feel that my attention to one aspect of my life is lacking and […]

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How to use your retinoid…

One of the most common questions and complaints we receive pertains to retinoids.  These come in a variety of names including retinol, Retin-A, Green Cream, Tretinoin, and others.  First let’s start by talking about why they are a necessary component of your skin care regimen. All are forms of vitamin A used for a number […]

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Sun Screen Protection

With the arrival of Summer comes the necessity for sun protection.  A common question we get in the office is, “What kind of sunscreen should I be using?”  The answer is…it depends. We typically recommend different sunscreens depending on activity level. This means you will likely need one sunscreen for daily usage and another for […]

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